Today's Texas Justice Talking Points

Smart Sentencing: "We need to stop treating casual drug users caught with tiny amounts of drugs like hardened felons. They need rehab, and they're not going to get it in jail."

Raising the Age: "A seventeen year-old isn't even allowed to buy a pack of cigarettes--but if he steals one, he gets thrown into an adult system with career criminals. That just doesn't make sense."

Pre-Trial Fairness: "Hard-working people who have made mistakes are losing their jobs and their families just because they don't have the money to post bail, while dangerous criminals are walking out because they do."

Rejoining Society: "People who get out of prison are three times less likely to commit another crime if they just have a job. Making it harder for them to get work doesn't keep anyone safe."

Sample speech:
"Today’s Texas Justice: Smart, Fair, and Effective" (7 minutes)