Stop "Free the Felons" Talking Points

Weakening Drug Laws: "The War on Drugs isn't over--this is no time to declare defeat. The problem with drug users isn't that they spend too much time in jail--it's that they use drugs."

Protecting Young Predators: "If you're old enough to serve in Iraq or Afghanistan, you're enough to know right from wrong. A seventeen year-old killer isn't a child--he's a killer."

"Get Out of Jail Free": "Bail has been around a long time, because it works. Letting people walk out of jail and then just hoping that they'll come back for their trials doesn't."

Helping Felons Hide: "I have the right to know who I'm hiring and who's moving in next door. Helping criminal hide their tracks is not going to keep anybody any safer."

Sample speech: "Keeping Texas Safe From Criminals" (8 minutes, pdf)