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I’ve been posting about the game I’m designing, Seas of Stryvn, on the game’s Facebook page, but a while ago I decided that I wanted to post some stuff that seemed better suited to a blog than a FB page, and voila!

If you’re new, Seas of Stryvn is a fantasy naval game where players command the Dwarvish and Elvish navies in an attempt to control the sea lanes and thus win the Great Catastrophic War of 2482 .

It will (ideally) combine some of the best features of modern Euro-games with some of the excitement of old-school war games. It will emphasize resource management and “worker” (i.e., ships) placement, and offer a variety of types of interesting decisions on each turn. Sid Meir supposedly said that a good game is a “series of interesting decisions,” and that’s what I’m using as my goal.

This is a very old version of the board. Don't get attached.
This is a very old version of the board. Don’t get attached. Also, the real art will be much better. I promise.

Since I usually post updates about the design process on the FB page, I thought I’d use this blog to post things that were more about my thinking on the game, on game design, and what I want Seas of Stryvn to be. Thus, I might (for example) not have a new version of the map to show off, but I might have a new direction I thinking about for how the map will work. That kind of thing.

Speak, friend, and enter…

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